Utopian Slingshot’s Projects

Our Work Spans Disciplines

We've designed websites, developed software, built social media presences, and launched e-commerce solutions.
Below, you'll find some of our favorite projects.

Kittens in Teacups Blog

People always yearn for more cute cats, so we decided to satisfy their desire with a blog. Check out the live site: kittensinteacups.com

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Restaurant Website

We designed and developed a website for a long-standing restaurant. Check out the live site here: http://www.hongkongcloquet.com/

The Great Conversation Film

We provided equipment and expertise to produce a feature–length documentary film about a historical public building. Production requirements included dozens of interviews as well as thematic analysis using aggregate data.

Earthquake Tracker

This earth-shaking website visualizes data from the U.S. Geological Survey. Check out the live site: earthquaketracker.net

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Soccer Team Website

We deployed a website for a local sports team that tracks their schedule, squad, and statistics. Check out the live site: proctorsoccer.com

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Quilt Shop Website

We designed and developed a website for a local quilt shop, customizing the e-commerce experience to fit their workflow. Check out the live site: quilteddogquiltshop.com

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Teaching & Presentations

We are committed to community–action projects ranging from after–school classes to science fair mentorship and awards, as well as motivational presentations. In 2013, for example, we spoke to Cloquet High School students about the importance of ideas. Check out the introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-K4XLPS7Gs

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